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Tropical Rose

Woman's Racing Syndicate

Tropical Cognac is Racing for the Cure.

5% of all revenues of his sale price and 5% of his earnings generated on the racetrack will be donated to Susan G Komen Miami / Ft. Lauderdale.
Tropical Coganc

Who is Tropical Cognac and why is he fundraising for Susan G. Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale?
Well, let’s start at the beginning.

Tropical Racing is an unique, new horse racing syndicate with the goal of transforming thoroughbred ownership into a complete racing experience. By introducing people to the culture of this majestic sport, we strive to show the passion and beauty of the horse as well as the excitement of high level competition. More importantly, we feel we can do more than just have fun, we can also strive to achieve a greater purpose.

Women and ownership of racehorses is a natural fit. They have that same burning desire to win, the same competitive spirit & from this spirit a new racing syndicate is envisaged. Tropical Rose represents and supports women and their causes. The Rose symbolizes promise, hope and new beginnings. In contrast, its thorns represent defense and protection. Together, the essence of passion and immortal love are powerfully balanced in the historical flower. The rose marks our history, heralding the families of British, Spanish, and Far Eastern Royalty. For all of these reasons, the Rose is a perfect insignia from which to represent this racing syndicate that will become the standard bearer for women in racing.

Over the past 100 years, women have one-by-one fought and battled for a seat at the table of the Sport of Kings as jockeys, trainers, assistant trainers, veterinarians, exercise riders, grooms, hotwalkers, and owners. Racing is known as the ‘Sport of Kings’ and it’s participants have often taken that literally. Virtually no woman jockeys or trainers were found prior to the early 1970’s. In fact, woman weren’t even allowed on many back stretches at all during those times. That has only recently changed as woman have fought for and achieved a seat at the table. Women have now begun to hold positions in racing, whether as participants on the track as jockeys or trainers, or behind the scenes such as exercise riders, grooms or in the executive offices on the front side. Women are the largest growing demographic in racing. There are fewer barriers to entry these days, no signs that say: “No dogs, No women” on the backside, there are ladies rooms both in the grandstand and in the barns, and some owners even give women trainers their horses to condition. Although interestingly, there is one very important, consistent difference between women ownerships and men. Perhaps that has something to do with the girls and horses effect that most never outgrew. Women tend to be caretakers, tend to be cognizant of the life behind the athlete. Women are competitive, dream of winning, are ferocious in achievement and in defense of their goals, and yet are consistent in protecting the being within. “Ourselves, our children, our horses.” Those ideas began to consolidate an image of a Racing syndicate, that would not just be inclusive and represent women, but to support women, to bolster and sustain their causes. That racing syndicate is Tropical Rose.

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Race for the Cure and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. 5% of Race Earning and Sale Donated!

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